The press release mentions modifications to the body were needed in order to fit 22″ x 9″ wheels up front, and 24″ x 10″ on the rear. Tires are 245/30/22 and 275/25/24, which have just enough side wall to be comfortable. Because larger rolling stock transmits more road feel into the body, the Slammer rides on air suspension at all corners. Much like the Chevelle Slammer concept unveiled yesterday, the air bags allow the car to lay frame when parked and offer a menacing rake while cruising. We are big fans of air suspension because dropping your car from an app on your phone is addictive.


 While the Slammer Chevelle is not bound by clean air laws, the engine of the Slammer Camaro was left untouched in order to keep the car 50 state legal. Along with the 2017 Camaro COPO and the SS Drag Race Development car, it makes for a potent display at SEMA.