Render: Sajdin Germond

The Bugatti Spartacus is an electric SUV designed to encourage car designers and automakers to push the limits, and deliver cars with a more distinctive character. ... The carbon-fibre trim combined with the blue body shade and the 3D treatment of the surfaces make the car look like it is wearing a dress.


The Bugatti Spartacus is a futuristic take on the luxurious hyper-SUV of tomorrow. The sculpted yet minimal body with imposing dimensions sitting on those huge wheels definitely makes a statement, which is the main goal for vehicles of this segment. Some might criticise Spartacus for its exaggerated proportions resulting in poor visibility and less-than-ideal aerodynamics.

We must keep in mind though that sometimes it is the designer’s role to provoke and push the boundaries aesthetically before a concept idea translates from digital to physical and fully functional, while adapting to the production-car needs and regulations.