Mansory has been known to apply its skills, such as they are, to a wide variety of vehicles. But out of the eight show cars it has brought to Geneva this year, no fewer than three are based on Mercedes – each of a very different type.

The most visually imposing of the three is called the Gronos Black Desert, based on the high-riding G500 4x4² – as if the portal-axle truck needed any help in that department and an enhanced S63 AMG convertible dubbed the Black Edition, which follows the limited-edition Platinum Edition before it. As you might have guessed, Benz's flagship drop-top has been visually enhanced with a full carbon-fiber aero kit, including a NACA duct in the hood, and bodywork that's been widened by two inches. The suspension has been dropped as well, and to go with the stance, Mansory has mustered some extra muscle.

A whole lot extra, as it turns out, with 828 horsepower easily trumping the standard 577 and aiming straight for Brabus territory. With all that power channeled to the 22-inch alloys, the Mansory S63 cabrio will rocket to 62 in 3.5 seconds and top out at 186 miles per hour.